Composer's Notes for TOPSody 2.0045e3

This composition is comprised of a few themes, recurring at different times, each time in a different manner. The following are a list of the themes and when they occur:

  1. Stars - this theme is soft and thoughtful, like the each morning and night. The glockenspiel melody is the glistening starry patches which you see in the wee hours. This includes the ascending arpeggios heard at the end of the song.
  2. Brass fanfare - this is played both at B and later again at H. The first time, it is played in a major key. It is reintroduced in the same key again at H, except this time, it is influenced and restates itself with the chords of turmoil (see next).
  3. Chords of turmoil - these occur twice, once at C and again at H. Be sure to rehearse the tuning of these chords.
  4. π choral - this melody begins shortly after C. The digits of the quisentential number π are spelt out in the melody using the degrees of the scale.
  5. Theme and variations on a melody - the melody is stated at D and reintroduced many times in different forms.

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