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Here are some interesting links that you may want to check out.


The following are a list of my friends. This list is sorted in alphabetical order. Please contact me you're my friend and you have a website which I don't know about. I would love to add it to the list.


I think the following sites provide valuable information in certain areas of technology and could be a valuable resource to many people.

Free software

As a increasingly global community steps into an increasingly advanced era, we really need to pool our resources together to better solve some of our biggest problems. It is incredible to have so many people in so many areas collaborate on a global scale on free software which help fill some of the difficult niches.

Free hardware

Wait, what? You knew there was free software, but free hardware too? As a matter of fact, yes! The following are banks of designs submitted by many people and are quite useful to pull ideas from or to browse through.


I think that cycling is a great method of transportation in large cities like Toronto. These are a few links which I found extremely helpful as a cyclist.


I believe that if you immerse yourself in greatness, you can't help but to be great. The following are a list of pages which I have found to be greatly inspirational to me.

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